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attracting clients

The Little Known 3-Step Blueprint for Attracting High-Ticket Clients (Without Having to Hard-sell)

June 6, 2018,

Learn how to eliminate the “one big client” risk, without spending all of your time on business development.

social media connections

How to Use Social Selling for Your Small Business

May 9, 2018,

The idea of using your network as a business asset is why social selling matters. At its most basic level, social selling is similar to networking via social media… except it’s a little different. To understand how it’s different may require some rewiring of how you think about social media.

pricing strategy

The Delicate Art of Raising Prices

May 8, 2018,

Thanks to rising costs of labor, energy and borrowing money, many small business owners are faced with the choice to either cut profits or raise prices. Here are 5 tips for increasing prices without upsetting your existing customers.


Readying Your Products for E-Commerce Success

April 19, 2018,

Online marketplaces have leveled the playing field for small businesses, effectively helping them leap geographic boundaries and sell their products in markets that would never have been possible. Read these three steps you should take to help ready your products for e-commerce sale.


The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About UPC Barcodes

March 20, 2018,

Are you ready to launch a new product? Don’t forget about the barcode! Brush up on your barcode knowledge by learning from these top five questions, and you’ll be ready to take the first step toward launching a successful product.

people of different ages texting

5 Ways to Increase Sales with Text Messages

February 16, 2018,

Making sales is the lifeblood of any business, and one of the simplest yet most effective ways to increase sales is with text messaging. So how does text messaging help your business turn more viewers into leads?

Increase Small Business Sales with These Stat-Based Insights

Increase Small Business Sales with These Stat-Based Insights

February 9, 2018,

Small business revenue is trending up, yet owners still struggle with challenges, including the ability to increase small business sales. Check out the trends and get insights about online reviews, eCommerce, websites and more to help you build a healthier bottom line in 2018—and beyond.

woman shopping online

3 Tips to Ensure Your Ecommerce Category Pages Are Optimized

February 7, 2018,

Ecommerce sites are more than just the usual website with a homepage, about page, services page and contact page. Category pages have also become important for ecommerce sites. Read these tactics to help you fix your categorization.

Infographic: Small Business Sales Are Up!

Infographic: Small Business Sales Are Up!

Small businesses account for 54% of all U.S. sales, and sales are steadily growing. Read more


Optimizing Your Ecommerce Content for Your Customers

January 31, 2018,

How can you ensure that your ecommerce site is filled with content that is helpful to both your customers and search engines? Read these proven ways on how you can use the precious real estate available for content on your website.

checking inventory in a warehouse

Understanding and Using Just-In-Time Inventory Management

What is just-in-time inventory management, and how can it help your business grow? The just-in-time (JIT) approach aims to keep only the minimum amount of inventory in stock. Read more